Is Senior Home Caregiving Right for You?

When it comes to getting care for yourself or a loved one, you have many options. Which is the best for you?
Studies have found that an estimated 90% of elderly prefer senior home caregiving over institutional care.
Here are 30 good reasons to consider home care VS facility care:
  • Home care promotes healing.
  • Home care keeps the elderly independent.
  • Home care postpones institutionalization.
  • Home care keeps families together.
  • Home care keeps the elderly where they feel most safe and comfortable.
  • Home care is personalized care and is catered to the needs of each individual.
  • Home care extends life.
  • Home care prevents isolation and loneliness.
  • There are such positive feelings associated with being at home.
  • Home care keeps the elderly happy.
  • Home care promotes companionship.
  • Home care provides support diet and nutrition.
  • Home care promotes daily life activities.
  • Home care professionals can be there when you aren't able to.
  • Home care helps with medication management.
  • Home care is an affordable alternative to facility care.
  • Home care gives your family peace of mind.
  • Home care provides security to your loved one.
  • Home care caregivers can help you adapt your home to accompany your needs.
  • Home care allows for more freedom for the individual.
  • Home care protects the elderly from possible infections.
  • Home care allows more convenience for loved ones to visit.
  • Home care allows for better adequate recovery if your loved one is injured.
  • Home care promotes confidence in the elderly. When they feel independent, they feel confident in themselves.
  • Home care makes the elderly feel loved and cared for.
  • Home care involves the family. Family members are able to get to know the caregiver more personally.
  • Home care allows for help with daily household chores.
  • Home care is readily available and flexible to your loved one's schedule.
  • Home care provides a direct line of communication between you and your loved one.
  • Home care provides transportation when needed.
With LifetimeCare, your cost is the same even if there are multiple clients in the home (i.e. both spouses require care).
While a caregiver is in your home, you can access all of the services we offer.
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